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  • The Global Permanent Magnet Industry, Third Edition by Walter T.  Benecki, 2017. Edited two chapters: The Technical Basics of Permanent Magnets and The Language of the Permanent Magnet Industry, ISBN 978-1938184291

  • Solutions Manual for Introduction to Magnetics Materials, second edition, B. D. Cullity and C. D. Graham, 2015 ISBN 978-047147719

  • Recycling NdFeB Magnets: Why is it so counterintuitive? Iowa State University, 2014, Presentation 1.2 MB

  • The Rare Earths: Top Spot for the Bottom of the Periodic Table, St. Olaf College, 2013, Presentation 962 KB

  • Hard Magnets Made Easy, Permanent Magnet Technology tutorial, Intermag 2011, Presentation 832 KB

  • Permanent Magnets 2010-2020: A Comprehensive Overview of the Global Permanent Magnet Industry, with Walter T. Benecki and Terry K. Clagett, 2010

  • Rare Earth Permanent Magnets: Raw Materials, Magnets and Opportunities, Plenary Lecture, Intermag 2009, Presentation 1.4 MB

  • Permanent Magnet Figures of Merit: We need a better story, SMMA Fall 2008 Technical Conference, Presentation 357 KB

  • A Question of Balance: Finding Equilibrium in a Transformed NdFeB Environment, Intertech/Pira, China Magnetics 2007, Presentation 307 KB

  • Permanent Magnets-The Basics, Coil Winding/IMA Tutorial 2005, Presentation 644 KB

  • Nearly Painless Sales & Marketing for Technical Consultants, 2005 Presentation 244 KB

  • Optimum Corrosion Protection of Nd-Fe-B Magnets, Magnetics 2004, Paper 130 KB, Presentation 511 KB

  • Permanent Magnets? We don't make them here anymore. Lessons for the new paradigm. SMMA Fall Technical Meeting 2003, Presentation 228 KB

  • Selection and Specification of Permanent Magnet Materials, Coil Winding 2003, Paper 185 KBPresentation 313 KB

  • Rare Earth Magnet Industry in the USA: Current Status and Future Trends, Rare Earth Magnet Workshop, Newark, DE, 2002  Paper 241 KB, Presentation 180 KB, Conference Photograph 303 KB

  • Magnetic Testing of Bonded Magnets, NATO/ARW, Newark, DE, 2002 Paper 312 KB, Presentation 312 KB

  • Rare Earth Raw Materials for Polymer Bonded Magnets, Intertech 2002, Presentation 113 KB, Questions 61 KB

  • Material Selection of Permanent Magnets, Considering Thermal Properties Correctly, Coil Winding 2001, Paper 156 KB, Presentation 542 KB

  • Magnetic Materials: Macro, Micro and Nano, Department of Materials Science and Engineering Seminar, Virginia Tech, October 2001, Abstract, Presentation 356 KB

  • Understanding Permanent Magnet Materials; An Attempt At Universal Magnetic Literacy, Coil Winding 2000, Paper 162 KB, Presentation 466 KB

  • Effective Use of Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets, Coil Winding 1999, Paper 76 KB, Presentation 107 KB

  • A Fresh Look at the Role of American Resources in the NdFeB Marketplace, Gorham/Intertech 1997, Presentation 49 KB

  • Permanent Magnets Based on the Lanthanides, International Symposium on Magnetics, Korean Magnetics Society, Seoul, Korea 1990, Paper 170 KB

  • The Lanthanide Myths, Eighth International Workshop on Rare Earth Magnets and Their Applications, Pittsburgh, PA 1990, Paper 43 KB

  • Use of Helmholtz Coils for Magnetic Measurements, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 24 2108 (1988), Paper 238 KB

  •  Magnetizability of Nd-Fe-B type magnets with Dy additions, Journal of Applied Physics 63 [8] 3510 (1988), Paper 396 KB

  •  Effect of Nb Additions on the Irreversible Losses of Nd-Fe-B Type Magnets, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 23 2284 (1987), Paper 490 KB

  • Improving the Distribution of Magnetic Properties in Rare Earth-Cobalt magnets by the use of Selective Thermal Stabilization, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 19 2047 (1983), Paper 232 KB

  • Open Circuit Tests and Their Application, MMPA Thirteenth Magnetic Conference and Workshop (1982), Paper 210 KB

  •  Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy, Magnetostriction and Saturation Magnetization of SmCo5 Single Crystals, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Pennsylvania (1979), Paper 10MB

  • Magnetic Anisotropy in MnBi Particles grown by Directional Solidification of the Mn-Bi Eutectic, Journal of Applied Physics 49 2043 (1977), Paper 184KB

  • Statistical Analysis of the Orientation of Sintered SmCo5 Magnets, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 12 1015 (1976), Paper 391 KB

  •  High Field Magnetic Measurements on Sintered SmCo5 Permanent Magnets, AIP Conference Proceedings, 29 608 (1975), Paper 521 KB, M.S. Thesis, University of Pennsylvania (1976), Paper 4.1 MB


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