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Spontaneous Thoughts

A collection of writings,

some published, some unpublished,

on a variety of subjects.

Published in


Magnet Camp, Summer 2019


Motherlodes, Silver Bullets and Recycling, Spring 2019


Rare Earth Industrial Policy, Winter 2018


Dysprosium 2.0 Redux, Summer 2018


Balance and Training, Spring 2018


Seventeen Mistakes, Spring 2016


Small Ball, Winter 2015


The Rate Determining Step, Summer 2015


The Patent Challenge, Spring 2015


The Last Large Gathering, Winter 2014


A Different Paradigm, Summer 2014


Its About the Cerium, Spring 2014


A Holistic Approach to Magnet Development, Winter 2013


NdFeB: The First 30 Years and the Next 30 Years, Fall 2013

Slovak version


Back to Normal, Summer 2013


Dysprosium 2.0, Spring 2013


Retired, Senile and Dead, Winter 2012


And the Wisdom to Know the Difference, Fall 2012


The End of Axial Pressing, Summer 2012


The Golden Rule for Writers, Spring 2012


Is Your Design Optimized? Winter 2011


Sputnik Moment, Summer 2011


 No Substitutions, Spring 2011


The View from Slovenia, Winter 2010


The Golden Age of SmCo, Fall 2010


A Three-Pronged Approach, Summer 2010


Hardware vs. Software, Spring 2010


The Disregarded Experiment, Winter 2009


Picking Survivors, Spring 2009


Optimistic, with Some Uncertainty Ahead, Aug/Sept 2008


Career Arbitrage, June/July 2008


The Upside of High Prices, Feb/March 2008


The View from Beijing, Dec/Jan 2008


Magnet Recycling, Second Thoughts, Fall 2007


Magnet Recycling, Summer 2007


Non-Technical Professional,

Spring 2007


Raw Material Jitters, Winter 2006


Nano Mania, Fall 2006


Permanent Magnet Information Center, Summer 2006


The Next Big Thing, Spring 2006


Commission Sales, Winter 2005


Cooperation II, Fall 2005


Cooperation I, Summer 2005


Chinese Suppliers, Spring 2005


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