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About Spontaneous Materials  

I started Spontaneous Materials early in 2001, based on a novel concept. After working many years in the permanent magnet and rare earth industries, I realized there are many people who need help with the technical aspects of these materials, often urgently. This is no surprise, as these materials can be very confusing, especially for people new to the field. When the word “counterintuitive” is used frequently to describe various aspects of these technologies, you know they cannot be easy to understand. In addition, more often than not, the need for this high-level of assistance is temporary. Consequently, it makes more sense to hire an expert temporarily to fix a temporary problem, as we might with a physician, dentist, electrician, plumber or accountant. This approach is a dramatic shift away from the past, where this type of work has traditionally been handled internally by fulltime employees, who either may not have all the skills they need to do the job, or need to focus on other priorities. Offering my services on a consulting basis to solve technical problems involving permanent magnets and rare earths was the founding concept of Spontaneous Materials.


Over time, I also realized that there is an ongoing need to teach engineers and other professionals about the basics of magnetic materials because so few of us learned much about these materials in our formal education, yet we need to understand them in order to do our jobs properly. Sometimes the need is urgent. Since I enjoy teaching and I am told that I am good at it, this was a natural niche for Spontaneous Materials to fill. Our seminars and webinars have now been given all over the World, and have become the requisite introductory course on permanent magnets for new employees at several well-known companies. I am proud to be the initiator of the popular Magnetics Bootcamps in 2007, which have become an integral part of the annual Magnetics Conferences. Where will the next seminar be given? That’s hard to anticipate, but I always keep my travel bag, laptop and passport ready for the next opportunity.


Have a technical problem with permanent magnets or rare earths? Send me an e-mail or call me, and tell me about your problem. You may be amazed to learn that a relatively simple answer often exists, which can be easily implemented to address your particular problem. Clients who accept our approach to business are rewarded with higher profits and less frustration. They also know who they will call, the next time they have a problem that fits into our expertise.


Coming from a family of craftsmen, I always take great pride in the quality of my work. I guarantee you that I will always do my very best to serve every client.


Stan Trout

March 25, 2013


Biography of Stanley R. Trout


With over forty years' experience in the permanent magnet and rare earth industries, Stan has a wealth of problem solving abilities, gained from a wide variety of technical and commercial roles, that he is eager to share with his clients. He has been very fortunate to confer, study, meet and collaborate with many international luminaries along the way. He is particularly proud to have trained many of today's active industry professionals. Stan has a B.S. in Physics from Lafayette College and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Metallurgy and Materials Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Trout is a registered Professional Engineer in both Colorado and Pennsylvania.


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