Magnetic Materials: Macro, Micro and Nano

Dr. Stan Trout

Spontaneous Materials

4:00 PM, Monday October 8, 2001
100 Hancock Hall


In Materials Science, it seems that as soon as we achieve some level of mastery in an area, we are challenged to find ways to characterize and control materials beyond our limited knowledge. This makes for good science, good engineering and good potential for continued employment. Magnetic materials are a good example of this paradigm. We will follow the advances in magnetic materials over the last few decades, with attention to both the science and the application of these fascinating materials.


Stan Trout's professional life has been spent in the permanent magnet and rare earth industries, collaborating with many international luminaries in the process. Previously, he worked for Magnequench, Molycorp, Hitachi and what was once Crucible, and is now Vacuumschmelze. His roles have ranged from sales to applications to materials development. Earlier this year, he launched Spontaneous Materials, a consultancy for clients needing solutions to technical and commercial problems, and as a resource for technical writing and training. Dr. Trout is a registered professional engineer, holds a B. S. in Physics from Lafayette College and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in Metallurgy and Materials Science.

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